Jan 13, 2012

Dear Customers:

Uwierzwsiebie introduces iDirect Lite Beta - a new faster version of the original iDirect auction search engine! This new feature is being launched at the same time as our 'Buy More Save More' program which means purchasing from auction will be cheaper than ever as well.

iDirect Lite Beta offers a more fast-paced experience for your purchasing from auctions in Japan. Try it to enjoy streamlined user interfaces, easy to follow process flows and faster overall performance!

The new simplified user interface is ideal for users used to more generic user interfaces available with other services. The search form allows for faster searches using more general filters and the results are shown in an easy-to-read grid display with a small thumbnail image of each unit.

The grid type display, optimized thumbnails, and simplified search criteria ensure that searches are done quicker and results load a lot faster.

The bidding process becomes shorter as you will no longer need to go through the "shopping cart" UI and dialogue box present in original iDirect in order to submit and confirm a bid.

With the new iDirect Lite Beta, purchasing from auctions in Japan has never been faster, easier and more effective!

For questions and suggestions on this new feature, don't hesitate to email us direct or at [email protected]. You may also call our 24/7 Customer Service Center at +81 50 5809-7257.

Thank you and looking forward to you trying this new feature!

Best Regards,

Uwierzwsiebie Ltd

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