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quality control

Quality Control

At Uwierzwsiebie, we take the risk out of buying pre-owned vehicles for our customers. From auction buying up to shipping to the port of your destinations, our quality control system gives you confidence that your vehicle is given due care every step of the way. We ensure that our inspectors provide the actual vehicle condition accurately through IBC’s “Vehicle Checklist” complete with photos, video and condition notes. We offer quality pre-owned vehicles with assurance that you get exactly as described in our comprehensive vehicle check list.

Auction and Dealer Purchases

  1. Uwierzwsiebie notifies customer of any significant damage before purchase.
  2. Prices are adjusted or bid is cancelled, as needed based on the vehicle’s condition.
  3. Data is entered by the auction staff.
  4. Notification checklist is sent to the customer or buyer as soon as the data entry is done.

Inspection Process

1. Uwierzwsiebie selects vehicles to be purchased from auction houses.

2. Purchases from auction houses are delivered within 2-3 days to an IBC facility on board vehicle transporters.

3. IBC inspector checks the unit’s actual condition for possible accident damage.

4. Vehicle is driven to the ramp for under carriage check.

5. Inspector performs the under carriage check. If there are any issues, photos of underbody will be taken.

6. Washing before driven to photo booth.

7. Inside photo booth, standard checklist photos are taken minor details such as scratches and dents.

8. Photos and condition notes are loaded into the system.

9. Video footage is taken documenting the process.

10. IBC checklist is now viewable by our customers.

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