OIS Services Include

  • Vehicle ownership history verification
  • Odemeter check against vehicle history database in japan
  • Visual inspection including full invasion and removal of the
    instrument panel if necessary to validate the odemeters reading


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OiS certifies that this vehicle’s odometer reading has been checked against the official databases in Japan and had its ownership history verified and title confirmed as free and clear for export. In addition, OiS has had our trained diagnostic specialists perform a complete physical inspection, including a full instrument panel invasion when deemed necessary, to validate that this vehicle’s odometer reading is correct and that no physical evidence of tampering exists.

  • Date inspected : 06/08/2018
  • Chassis Number: KE2AW
  • Make: MAZDA
  • Model: CX-5
  • Year: 2012

Import with peace of mind!!!

  1. This letter of due process and diligence confirms that the vehicle has had its odometer inspected and shows no sign of tampering as per the following process:

    • NAK and other official database cross checks against prior odometer readings recorded.
    • Vehicle history and stolen vehicle check.
    • Vehicle type confirmation.
    • Odometer history on the original ownership documents in Japan.
    • Visual appraisal (interior, exterior, log books, maintenance records, odometer alignment, casing contamination).
    • A full instrument panel invasion – including removal of the odometer casing – will only be undertaken if the above previous steps a,b,c,d, or e raise doubt or provide sufficient evidence of tampering.
  2. The letter of due process and diligence is valid for a period of six (6) months from date of inspection.

    The inspection procedures followed have been approved by OiS. All relevant technology has been used to determine the accuracy of the odometer. If new technologies are available in the future we will research these and add these to our already extensive procedure. All inspection procedures are carried out by suitably qualified staff to ensure the inspection is of the highest standard available. All inspectors are permanently based in Japan and the inspections carried out at AutoTerminal Japan Ltd. or the ports prior to export.


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