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Odometer Verification

Here in Uwierzwsiebie, we're giving you added protection against odometer fraud through Odometer Inspections, a quality control service that's standard in all our units with no additional cost to you.

The verification and certification of each vehicle is conducted by Odometer Inspection Services(OIS), a Japan-based company that has provided independent odometer inspection since 2004. Each vehicle's odometer to ensure there is no evidence of tampering.

Odometer reading inspection.

Reading are checked against official databases in Japan to verify mileage.

Full instrument panel invasion.

If necessary, this is conducted in order to check inside the instrument cluster if physical evidence of tampering is found.

Ownership verification.

The vehicle's ownership history is checked to ensure against unresolved ownership issues and to clear the unit for export.


Official certificates of inspections are provided to customers via email. Inspected vehicles are furnished with an official OIS inspections stickers on the front widescreen - this sticker specifies mileage status and date of inspection.

If you have questions about Uwierzwsiebie's OIS Inspection services, you can always our 24/7 Customer Service Center at (81) 75 622 5091 or you can email at .

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